Meet your Committee 2018-19

Our amazing committee work tirelessly to put on the very best events, and to make your time at PakSoc as wonderful as it can be.

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Hasaan Agha -<br>President

Hasaan Agha -

Hey everyone! I’m a first year Economist at Clare. I’m from South London, my mum is from Lahore, and my dad is from Karachi. PakSoc instantly felt like home to me when I joined, and I hope that we can make all of you feel that way too. Our focus is on creating a close-knit community like no other! I’m honoured to be serving as your President, and I’m so excited about every one of our committee members. Some great events, both fun and serious lined up, so keep an eye out! I look forward to meeting every one of you, and please do message me about anything, feedback or ideas, PakSoc-related or personal. If you see a guy with the maddest creps come say hi, I can be your Yeezy plug.

Reiss Akhtar -<br>Vice President

Reiss Akhtar -
Vice President

Hey! I’m a second year English Literature student at Caius reppin’ all you humanities students #notanothermedic. Having loved PakSoc like no other over the past year, my priority is assisting our brilliant team in furthering our work to make PakSoc a society for everybody. What else would you want to see in a bio? I like long walks along the river cam and like my degree a bit less than that. If you ever need anything at all (other than money) feel free to drop me a message!

Sohaib Abdul Rehman -<br>Graduate Vice President

Sohaib Abdul Rehman -
Graduate Vice President

Hello, I am a third PhD student at Jesus College and I will be your graduate VP for this year. I will be organising a lot of events, both academic and social, for graduate students throughout the year. Hoping to see many of you at these events. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Areesha Saif -<br>Secretary

Areesha Saif -

Hi! I study Phys NatSci at Newnham and am from Karachi (born and raised). Though both my parents are from Karachi, my mother is Kashmiri and my father is Pathan. Moving here last year made me realise how much I miss Pakistan and the culture, so I felt an instant connection with PakSoc! I’m very proud to serve as your Secretary for this year (watch out for those emails) and look forward to meeting you all at upcoming PakSoc events. As one of the few international students in a coconut- dominated committee, if any of you need to cry about not understanding British lingo, I’m here for you (you’ll get there eventually).

Fahd Omar -<br>Treasurer

Fahd Omar -

Hi I'm a first year economist at St. Johns. I may live in Leeds and my skin may be white, but Pakistan is my home and I'm brown on the inside #PakistanZindabad. My role involves finding sponsors and managing the bank account, so if you have any questions about that don't hesitate to ask. I'm also known as the cricket connoisseur so hmu for debate on whether Misbah was our finest captain.

Maaz Khan -<br>Social Events Officer

Maaz Khan -
Social Events Officer

Salaam! I'm a second year medic at Caius. I have lots of ideas for events this year and am also open to your suggestions. I can organise things like PakSoc Movie Night, bowling, ice skating, Qawwali or anything else you would like. I will also be on the committee for our magical annual charity PakSoc Ball, which is a huge event in the PakSoc calendar. The whole PakSoc community and beyond really enjoy it and make truly wonderful memories so if you have any ideas to make it extra special or you want to get involved (or perhaps even perform yourself 😱) then get in touch. Finally, I served as your Welfare Officer last year so I just want to reiterate that please do come to me if you need any kind of advice (it doesn't have to be PakSoc related) or if you just want to get things off your chest I am happy to listen 🙂.

Sara Shaida -<br>Welfare Officer

Sara Shaida -
Welfare Officer

Hey! I'm a second-year medic at Jesus and here to support students during their time at Cambridge. I plan to host lots of events that combine my two favourite things: food and films! Please feel free to email or message if you have any concerns or questions- I'm always free for a chat! 🙂

Jamaal Khan -<br>Speakers Officer

Jamaal Khan -
Speakers Officer

Hey! I'm a first year engineer at Caius, and as Speakers Officer this year I am in charge of organising all the speaker events. I'd love to hear what sort of people you'd be interested in, so look out for polls on the Facebook page and participate! As a proud Bradfordian I can help you get used to the nasty water and ridiculous prices down here, while also providing you with the best cake rusks in the country (and possibly the world). Don't hesitate to get in touch! PS I'm also the webmaster

Jawaad Aziz -<br>Access Officer

Jawaad Aziz -
Access Officer

Hi, I’m a first year Phys NatSci at Caius from East London. Being Access Officer I would like to show everyone how brilliant PakSoc is and hope they can have a great time like I have with such a nice friendly community. Since joining I have mastered the art of making the best chai which I hope you can try at one of the events, be it just a casual chill. If you have any questions regarding access, or PakSoc in general, I’d be glad to help otherwise I look forward to meeting you!

Mahid Qamar -<br>External Officer

Mahid Qamar -
External Officer

Hey everyone! I am a first year undergraduate from Karachi studying Land Economy at Homerton College! As your External Officer this year my job is to make sure that PakSoc stays connected to all other societies in the University. So, stay tuned for collaborative events with other societies of interest throughout the year. For all members of PakSoc, especially international students, feel free to contact me regarding any queries about moving in and about the general life at Cambridge. I have also mastered my mother’s chicken karahi recipe so please feel free to hit me up when the week 5 blues hit and we can have decent Pakistani food while jamming to some Atif Aslam songs!

Ibz Mo<br>Publicity Officer

Ibz Mo
Publicity Officer

Ibz Mo here! A struggling 2nd year Psychology student at Wolfson College from Hackney. My vision this year for Pak Soc’s publicity is…. more is more! It’s finally time we give Pak Soc the attention it deserves. We’re a society that is inclusive to all, entertaining and accessible, and it’s about time we got that message publicised to as many people in the world. So make sure you follow us on Instagram @cambridge_PakSoc and LIKE our Facebook page to stay tuned to see what we have in store for you!

Arqum Anwar -<br>Ex-Officio

Arqum Anwar -

I am a third year NatSci at Christ's college. As an international student from Karachi, I did not hesitate to join PakSoc in my first year and have been involved ever since. Having served as Events Officer and then President, I now have the privilege to advise the committee as they steer PakSoc to greater heights. Always happy to have quality bilingual conversations over chai!

Eman Butt -<br>Ex-Officio

Eman Butt -

Hi, I have an advisory role on the committee. I'm from Buuuurminghum but 100% Muzaffarabadi. I am a fifth year medic at Corpus Christi so I think it's safe to say I feel like I know Cambridge and PakSoc quite well! If you have any questions about medicine, Cambridge, PakSoc or anything in between please feel free to email me. Hope to see you soon 🙂

Welcome to PakSoc
A Message for Freshers
Hey there! Welcome to PakSoc. We hope you're settling in to Cambridge nicely, and if you need anything at all, please know that we're always here for you. If you'd like to be notified when there's interesting stuff happening during Freshers' Week (chills in people's rooms, dinners at restaurants etc) then please send us an email and include your mobile number - we'll send out a text to everyone in this list whenever something cool happens, and you can decide if you'd like to attend - no pressure :)
Cheers. We'll let you know when cool stuff is happening!