Meet your Committee 2016-17

Our amazing committee work tirelessly to put on the very best events, and to make your time at PakSoc as wonderful as it can be.

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Eman Butt<br>President

Eman Butt

Hi everyone, I’m Eman a third year medic at Corpus. I am so grateful and excited to be your President for this year! We have an awesome committee lined up and the society is looking to be the best it’s ever been, so come along to the events throughout the year and especially, of course THE event of the whole Cambridge year - PakSoc Ball!! Don’t be afraid to email me at if you have any questions or ideas (I would love to hear them!) or simply need a friendly face :) Pyaar xx

Abdulla Zaman<br>Vice-President

Abdulla Zaman

Hi I'm Abdulla Zaman (the guy on the right) and I'm VP of Paksoc for this year! I'm a second year Historian at King's and I help Eman manage all the different facets of Paksoc (they are quite a few). If you see someone wearing an edgy snapback and/or unplugged Sony headphones around his neck, don't be afraid to say hi! Feel free to contact me at as well!

Sohaib Abdul Rehman <br>Vice-President (Graduate)

Sohaib Abdul Rehman
Vice-President (Graduate)

Hi, my name is Sohaib and I am the graduate vice-president at PakSoc. I study Jesus College and am doing PhD in super-resolution microscopy. Feel free to contact me on if you have any questions.

Zareen Bhatti <br>Secretary

Zareen Bhatti

Hi guys!! I’m Zareen, a second year Education student at Homerton and I’m your secretary this year! I’m the face behind the weekly PakSoc e-mails (you should totally join the mailing list woo). I’m also always around if you want to chat! Feel free to e-mail me at about anything at all, or come say hi! :) Can’t wait to meet you all!!

Ahmed Zia<br>Treasurer

Ahmed Zia

Hi my name is Ahmed and I am Treasurer for this year! I'm a 2nd year Natural Scientist at Caius. I'm a keen sportsman so if you guys have any suggestions regarding sport, finances or anything really, feel free to hit me up at!

Arqum Anwar<br>Events

Arqum Anwar

Salaam! I'm Arqum Anwar, second year NatSci at Christ's, and I am the PakSoc events officer. Being an international student from Karachi it gives me great pleasure that I can partake in organising events that help students at Cambridge experience the rich Pakistani culture and tradition. If you need to get in touch, please hmu at Khuda Hafiz

Shaista Madad<br>International Access Officer

Shaista Madad
International Access Officer

Hey guys! My name is Shaista and I am a third year Natsci at Jesus College. I am really excited to be your International Access Officer this year and look forward to meeting you all during the various events we have planned for the coming year. :) Feel free to contact me on if you have any questions!

Rabeka Zafar <br>Publicity

Rabeka Zafar

I'm Rabeka and I'm your Publicity Officer for this year. I intend on ensuring that all of you lovely people are made aware and are persuaded to attend all of PakSoc's upcoming events. I hope (well, I expect) to meet you all soon! Feel free to contact me on if you have any queries or suggestions!

Hina Khalid<br>Welfare

Hina Khalid

Hi everyone! My name is Hina, a 3rd year theologian at Corpus. I’m your welfare officer this year, and I’m committed to making PakSoc as great and welcoming for you guys as it has been for me! Please drop me any suggestions, concerns or comments you have at Always happy to have a chat :)

Babar Arshad <br> Access

Babar Arshad

Salam’s everyone! I’m Babar and I’m a second year Girtonian studying Physical Natural Sciences! I’m your access officer for this year. I am enthusiastic about making Cambridge a more open place. If you are a school or an organisation that works with disadvantaged children, please do contact me at as we would love to work together in some initiatives. I look forward to seeing you all soon! 

Muhammad Farid Ahmed

Muhammad Farid Ahmed

Hi all! I am the Graduate events officer but you'll find me (and more importantly, my camera) at most Paksoc events. Currently, I am a PhD students in Economics. This is the 3rd Paksoc committee that I have served on so am well versed in all things Paksoc - if you have any links with Pakistan and are interested in knowing more about Cambridge in general or Paksoc in particular get in touch at

This could be you!<br>Freshers' Rep

This could be you!
Freshers' Rep

Welcome to PakSoc
A Message for Freshers
Hey there! Welcome to PakSoc. We hope you're settling in to Cambridge nicely, and if you need anything at all, please know that we're always here for you. If you'd like to be notified when there's interesting stuff happening during Freshers' Week (chills in people's rooms, dinners at restaurants etc) then please send us an email and include your mobile number - we'll send out a text to everyone in this list whenever something cool happens, and you can decide if you'd like to attend - no pressure :)
Cheers. We'll let you know when cool stuff is happening!