Jamaal Khan

Speaker Series: Dr Abdul Bari Khan | 22nd October 2018

For our next speaker event of term we are delighted to have Dr Abdul Bari Khan joining us. Dr Khan is the co-founder and current CEO of Indus Hospital in Karachi, the realization of a dream to provide premium health-care services to people who do not have the means to pay for quality medical care.

On 18th Nov 2009, The DOW Graduate Association of North America ( DOGANA )awarded a Life Time Achievement Award to Dr. Abdul Bari Khan. The award was a formal token of appreciation for Dr. Abdul Bari Khan’s unwavering commitment and devotion to serve humanity beyond the call of his professional duties. According to The President DOGANA, Dr. Abdul Bari Khan has set a new benchmark in the health management and welfare activities in Pakistan.

Speaker Series: Dr Kamal Munir | 16th October 2018

Join us for the first speaker event of term with Dr Kamal Munir, a reader in Strategy and Policy at the Cambridge Judge Business School. Dr Munir has consulted for the State Bank of Pakistan, the World Bank, and the Asian Development Bank. He has also been a consultant to the governments of UK, Pakistan and Nigeria. In the private sector he served as a consultant and trainer for several leading organisations including McKinsey & Co; Shell Petroleum; and British Telecom. 


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